Photo restorations and creative imaging

Almost every home has damaged photographs closed away somewhere in an album or drawer. Then something happens in your family and you wish you had a better photo of Uncle Bob or a print of great granny's wedding. Maybe a flood has damaged your portrait or your dog has chewed your wedding album! Don't despair. It may be possible to restore those images and give you a brand new print.

I have the software and skills to attempt to restore your image to look like it once looked - and maybe even better!

Contact me and let me assess your photo. There is no risk to your precious photo as normally I do not need to have it posted to me. Photos can be scanned at a suitable resolution - photos of photos are not normally suitable unless you know how. You send your photo by email and will get them returned by email. The image and the restored image will always remain your property and will not be used for any purpose without your permission. You will receive a preview of the finished product as a pdf file. When payment is made a jpeg image will be sent which you can print. Or I can arrange to have the image professionally printed for you. Details will depend on size, postage etc.

If you think I can help, send a scan of your photo and I will quote you a compeditive price. You pay half up front and only pay the remainder once you are satisfied with the finished product. You will not be disappointed. It is difficult to quote a price because it depends on the damage done and the time taken to restore it. But it is not as expensive as you might think. Most of the images below might have cost between £5 and £25.

Payment is normally made using PayPal.

Below are some examples of work done previously:


RSD 1956

A huge restoration job on a 60-year-old school photograph that had suffered badly over the years.
A number of faces required re-drawing. The final copy is print quality - this graphic does not do it justice.

Michaels Grandparents

Sometimes old photos stick together and result in damage. This hand tinted photo is a treasured image
of a friend's grandparents taken just before he set off for France to serve in the Great War.

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I know there are people who can get rid of ceases or blemishes David but to restore colours on a picture you never seen in a fresh condition,
takes a high degree of artistic talent and a sound knowledge of fashions and period colours. Then there is the flesh tones, you knew the sitters
in the photo came from Northern Ireland and would not have the tan as the original painter thought they may.

Granny Morrow 1922

My Granny Morrow at Lisnagleer 1922

Irish Canvas Prints

My uncle and cousins - many happy childhood memories of Eskragh

Friend's late Mum and Dad - created from a family photo to produce a photo of them together.


Folded image has damage repaired


First school photograph of ---- guess who!


Creative imaging

Invicta from 1930s

An example of digital imaging - the Invicta was removed from the background
and added to a simulated 1932 calendar